Associate Dean of MBA Admissions Julie Barefoot told Bloomberg BusinessWeek in a recent Q&A that Goizueta’s small size makes it “nimble” and able to adapt quickly to a rapidly-evolving corporate world.

“We’re small, entrepreneurial, nimble,” Barefoot said. “The curriculum is innovative and meets our students’ needs, and we feel that’s really important…

“This is a warm, family atmosphere,” she adds. “Our students know each other and can develop relationships with the faculty, and the faculty wants to build relationships with them and energize them.”

For more than 20 years Barefoot has worked at the business school and reviewed MBA applications.

She said there are many common mistakes applicants make, including mixing up names of schools on essays.

The ideal applicant is motivated.

“We look for individuals who are academically prepared for the program, but a lot of people who apply to our program can do the work,” Barefoot said. “Best-fit students have progressive work experience, understand what it means to add value, and demonstrate initiative.”

Once in school, Goizueta students are challenged with a curriculum that puts an early focus on core classes and opens the door for unique electives for the balance of time.

“The curriculum is realistic in that we realize MBA students are here to get a job or they want a better job,” Barefoot told BW. “We want to deliver on those goals, so we intentionally carved out time for the job search process. That started three years ago and has paid a lot of dividends.”

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