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Voice of Goizueta: Management Practice Presentation to Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen
“Over the summer, the students in the one-year program took a class called Management Practice (MP). The MP module is one of many experiential learning opportunities at Emory which gives students the chance to draw on what they’ve learned in previous courses and apply it to a real world problem.”

The Wall Street Journal: So Who Needs Wall Street?
“But [Goizueta alum] Barry Silbert can back up his words because he’s making money on them. He’s the founder and CEO of SecondMarket, an online trading platform that pairs buyers and sellers of such financial assets as mortgage-backed securities and especially the stock of companies that haven’t gone public.”

MarketWatch: Career Advancement Trumps Financial Incentives for Millennials, Gen X
“Teams from University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and Emory University, Goizueta Business School collected second-place and third-place honors, respectively.”

FOX News: New Bank Fees Drive Customers to Credit Unions
“‘The reality is we were all paying these fees before,’ said Ryan Hamilton, a professor specializing in consumer behavior at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. ‘Retailers were charging a little bit more for every box of pasta that you bought to help cover some of these exchange fees.'”

DC Magazine: The Smart Set
Goizueta alum Peter Corbett is featured in this edition of DC.

Emory Report:  Sound policy makes good economic sense, say conference organizers
“Together they have worked with the Halle Institute for Global Learning and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta to organize a conference on macroeconomic policy set for Thursday, Nov. 3, at Goizueta Business School.”

Fortune: 40 Under 40 [No. 19]
“[Barry Silbert’s] private-market trading platform leaped into the public eye when shares of Facebook zoomed, but the firm has been trading illiquid assets of all kinds since 2005. It’s on pace to handle $600 million in private company transactions this year, up from $100 million in 2009.”