Businesses that look beyond the bottom line to make a lasting impact are gaining in popularity nationwide. Certified “B Corporations,” as many are known, use the power of business to solve challenging social and environmental problems.

And the movement is growing in Georgia.

Social Enterprise @ Goizueta, Better World Books and Stites & Harbison, PLLC are partnering to bring the nonprofit, legal, political, business, investor and academic communities together to discuss the promise of the B Corporation in Georgia.

The organizations will host a forum Feb. 7-8 at various locations in Atlanta highlighted by a keynote address from Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab, at 5 p.m. Feb. 8 in the Goizueta Business School Auditorium. Gilbert also co-founded AND 1, a $250 million footwear and apparel company based outside Philadelphia, and has also worked for McKinsey & Co. and others in the profit and nonprofit space. Media and the community are invited to attend.



Unlike traditional businesses, B Corporations must meet various social and environmental performance standards and attain higher levels of legal accountability. They also must work to build a constituency for public policies that support sustainable business. B Lab, a nonprofit organization, certifies B Corporations similar to certifications by TransFair (Fair Trade coffee) or USGBC (LEED buildings).  According to, there are more than 500 certified B Corporations across 60 industries in the United States. Certified B Corporations in Georgia include Better World Books, Freeworld Media, Gray Ghost Ventures, if People, Solution Force and Womenetics. Certified B Corporations enjoy certain benefits thanks to a focus on a social impact. The move also makes a statement about a company’s mission beyond the traditional bottom line.

“It seems evident that the B Corp movement is poised to become an important business innovation in the United States, one that will help support communities in addressing many social and environmental challenges,” said Dr. Peter Roberts, Associate Professor of Organization and Management and head of Goizueta’s social enterprise initiative. “Currently more than 500 young companies have committed to operating with an explicit emphasis on all three bottom lines: financial, social and environmental. We are excited to help expose the Emory and Atlanta communities to the promise and mechanics of the B Corporation, and to help spur its advance in Georgia and the southeastern United States.”

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