Executive Education at Goizueta Business SchoolThe International Consortium for Executive Education (UNICON) today released findings from its annual membership survey, which includes nearly 100 educational institutions from around the world with executive education programs. The survey found that the industry has begun to rebound from a global slowdown, and that executive education providers around the world anticipate more growth in the coming year.

Of the survey respondents, 82% experienced growth in 2011-12, with 49% of schools reporting revenue growth of more than 10%. Additionally, 94% of executive education providers expect their revenue to grow in 2012-13.

“We have observed for many years that the executive education industry is a good predictor of the overall economy,” said UNICON Chair Melanie Weaver Barnett, chief executive education officer at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. “That trend continues here with our members experiencing the same steady growth that has characterized the global economy for the last couple of years. Companies are beginning to invest in their people again, and our survey suggests that this investment might accelerate in the year ahead.”
One of the largest drivers of growth for executive education programs during the past year was the proliferation of customized programs, which help organizations increase management capability and accelerate realization of their strategy by combining the science of business and performance management into specialized programs.

Emory Executive Education at Goizueta Business School contributed to this trend by cultivating and deepening its custom program relationships with several key Atlanta companies. As of 2013, Goizueta is the preferred Executive Education provider for half of the Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Atlanta. “We are thrilled to have rebounded so quickly from the global recession,” said Lisa Kaminski, Associate Dean for Executive Education at Goizueta. “In particular, we are proud to have played a key role Goizueta’s emergence as a destination for market-leading organizations to access globally acclaimed thought leadership. Our clients repeatedly tell us that our partnerships bring about demonstrated and measurable impacts on their organizations’ performance and on elevating their senior leadership capabilities. Clients specifically emphasize the degree to which they value Emory Executive Education as a strategic partner in the competitive landscape.”

“Custom programs allow university-based executive education providers to provide the original research and academic rigor that distinguishes university-based education from other providers in a format that meets the unique educational needs of clients,” UNICON Chair Barnett noted.

In addition to customized programs, online and technology-enhanced learning programs are rapidly developing. The survey revealed that a large and increasing proportion of schools are investing in services beyond classroom instruction. Many schools, including Goizueta Business School, include business simulations, coaching, and technology-based learning as part of their programs.

“These new services and technologies are crucial tools for business leaders. Not only are they enhancing the executive education experience, they are assisting in the adoption and use of these technologies within client companies,” said Barnett. UNICON found that most executive education programs grew in 2011-12, in terms of both size and revenue.

About the survey
UNICON developed the questionnaire in collaboration with Percept Research to provide consortium members with a credible and comparative assessment of the non-degree executive education industry. Conducted in October 2012, the survey included responses from nearly 75 percent of UNICON’s membership.

About Emory Executive Education
Part of Goizueta Business School, a top-20 business school, Emory Executive Education is a world-class executive education provider. Emory offers learning experiences ranging from multi-level, multi-week custom programs to a series of open enrollment programs that develop leaders who are capable of transforming their organizations and driving performance. Leveraging Goizueta Learning in Action™ modules that engage the senior executive audience in and outside the classroom, Emory Executive Education has consistently held global acclaim for understanding its clients’ needs and for expert design of custom solutions that elevate organizational performance and hone organizational capabilities. To learn about Emory Executive Education, its programs and its 2013 Open Enrollment Program Calendar, visit the website at www.emoryexeced.com or call 404-727-8460.

Founded in 1972 as an association of executive education program directors, UNICON has evolved from an informal common-interest group into an incorporated non-profit consortium committed to advancing the field of university- and business school-sponsored executive education. Membership is composed of nearly 100 educational institutions from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

UNICON is committed to the principle that academically based executive education provides a combination of thought-leadership at the highest levels of rigor, masterful learning environments and practical application that cannot be replicated by non-academic providers.

The organization sponsors and conducts research studies that bring to the forefront this unique value of business-school-based executive education. It also provides industry/operational knowledge and networking opportunities for members through conferences, workshops, research, benchmarking, website, newsletters, job postings, discussion boards and forums and other activities.