In a recent feature by USA Today, Emory University Goizueta Business School BBA senior Faizan Bhatty shared his insight into his decision to choose a finance position with Google over a more traditional position on Wall St. The article, titled “Move over Wall Street – some students are running toward Silicon Valley” shares that many students are choosing more desirable career paths that incorporate more friendly office environments as well as preferable work hours.

Bhatty worked closely with several key Goizueta faculty to identify his desired career path, including Elliot Bendoly of Information Systems & Operations Management and Manish Tripathi of Marketing. Tripathi also had thoughts on the recent shift of business graduates shifting away from the usual career positions and companies in business, “Marketing students have a unique opportunity to apply their skills in knowledge in a wide array of capacities. Many students are realizing that their skills are transferable to areas outside of just traditional career paths.”

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