On April 1, Social Enterprise @ Goizueta (SE@G) hosted a unique luncheon with members of the business and non-profit community. Its mission? Connect those interested in doing more to help developing economies.

Guests from non-profits and big business alike visited Goizueta to meet Randall Kempner, Executive Director of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE),

According to its website, ANDE and its member organizations “propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets” by providing financial, educational and business support — particularly toward small businesses. ANDE launched in 2009 with 34 members and now includes more than 250 organizations in more than 150 countries.

Kempner provided an overview of ANDE’s cause and encouraged those in attendance to share their work in social entrepreneurship. He said small businesses can make a big impact in developing countries, noting that such business account for half GDP in larger, developed nations.

For more on ANDE and its mission, click here.

About Social Enterprise @ Goizueta

The focus of Social Enterprise @ Goizueta (SE@G) is that of applying business acumen and market-based solutions to achieve meaningful and enduring societal impacts. By actively working across the spectrum of for-profit, nonprofit and hybrid organizations, our faculty and students become participants in important conversations and debates that are taking place in business schools around the world.