Tucked into almost every ballot in every state on Election Day are issues and measures on which voters must approve or deny. On the midterm ballot in Georgia, voters are asked to vote on a state constitutional amendment to cap income tax rates.

Goizueta finance professor Jeff Rosensweig spoke with WABE this week to discuss the economic impact if such a measure passes.

As reported by Martha Dalton:

“I think this amendment is much more to do about politics than economics,” says

Jeff Rosensweig, an economics professor at Emory’s University Goizueta Business School. “No economic study has actually proven what its supporters claim, which is that it’s going to attract business and create jobs.”

In fact, Rosensweig says businesses are attracted to states for a lot of reasons, like quality of schools, and infrastructure. He says you could improve those things and attract business by increasing the tax rate.

About Jeff Rosensweig

Jeff Rosensweig is an associate professor of International Business and Finance. He is also Director of the Global Perspectives Program. Jeff specializes in global strategy, global economics, and international finance. Prior to joining Emory in January 1988, he was Senior International Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Jeff has also taught at M.I.T. and in the economics department and the School of Management at Yale University. Jeff’s research into global trends leads to frequent keynote lectures to business and academic audiences. His current research focuses on three main topics. First –business linkages with the emerging global economy. Second — the implications of globally divergent demographic trends for business. Third — factors affecting competition in the global travel and tourism industry.