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Goizueta Business Library: You just finished your first year in this new role. What are some of the highlights that stand out to you?

Lynne Segall: One of the most meaningful things happened last week. An alumni that I know called me to rave about the students and the work that they did for her company. She said 1) they understood our business, 2) they spoke our language, 3) they brought us fresh perspective and saw our business in a different way than how we see it, and 4) their communication was unbelievable. And that is what is Goizueta IMPACT is really about. It was such a highlight to hear this playback to me from someone who hasn’t been part of the vision and hasn’t been part of what we’re trying to do here. She just experienced it firsthand as a client. And that was very powerful because when the students are in the middle of it they don’t always recognize the value of what they’re accomplishing until after the fact. It’s kind of a rearview mirror on the experience. And her endorsement of what this program is all about, what we’re doing, and what our students are capable of was just so rewarding. More…

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