Faculty lined the spiral staircase in the East Wing of Goizueta Business School earlier in the Fall to applaud the hard work done by the building team and IT support crew in recent office renovations. The renovations, which included new carpeting, paint and whiteboards, were done seamlessly and right on schedule, much to the appreciation of Goizueta faculty.

Says Jill Perry-Smith, Goizueta Foundation Term Chair and professor of organization & management, “Everything—from furniture to books to pieces of paper —was put back exactly where they found it. I was amazed that even my books were in the same exact order as before the renovation. When I returned to my office, I picked back up with my work as if the renovation had not happened—absolutely no disruption. Yet, the renovation did happen, and it is refreshing to be in a fresh space that feels new.”

After much clapping and shaking of hands, the workers reconvened for a surprise luncheon in the Dolive Room, also put on by the faculty as a show of gratitude.