A Lockheed Martin engineer, 1st Space Brigade executive officer, and a senior analyst at Coca-Cola all walk into Goizueta Business School, and what do they have in common?

They’re all students in Goizueta’s Two-Year MBA program.

The Class of 2024 features a healthy mix of activists and advocates, mentors and brand managers with an average work tenure of more than five years and average GMAT score of 700.

This year’s class boasts an equal split of domestic and international students, with many new students hailing from countries such as Nigeria, Spain, Pakistan, Belgium, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The cohort even includes a Fulbright Scholar.

Goizueta’s Two-Year MBA program is the only top-ranked MBA offering world-class academics and small-by-design classes delivered in a dynamic, global city. Students receive high-quality, one-on-one career coaching, plus access to Fortune 500 companies and emerging businesses.

This year’s incoming class is reflective of Goizueta’s core values of diversity and rigor. We were so impressed with the quality of candidates this year, both academically and professionally. The admissions team was so excited for them to start and for the rest of the community to get to know them. They are already contributing so much in and outside the classroom.

Melissa Rapp, associate dean of graduate admissions

Other equally impressive students in this cohort include:

  • Honorable and decorated military veterans, such as an Army airborne officer responsible for the logistics of the world’s only forward-deployed battalion to support the defense of South Korea and an executive officer for the 1st Space Brigade.
  • A television entertainment professional with multiple show credits, like “Star Trek: Discovery,” “American Gods,” “Drop Dead Diva,” and “Sons of Anarchy.”
  • An FC Royals soccer team board member who raised $13,000 when the team faced bankruptcy.
  • A public health volunteer who led the efforts to vaccinate 1,600 immigrants and coordinated with the U.S. Department of State on the evacuation of 11 families from Afghanistan.
  • A pediatric tumor survivor who was inspired by childhood doctors to pursue a career in healthcare and now helps manage clinical oncology trials for Roche.
  • A senior associate who managed an annual $32 million media plan for Blue Moon.
  • A host of athletes, including a certified track and field coach, division 1 swimmer with multiple school records, collegiate varsity cheerleader, Rugby player, basketball player, and a former varsity football player turned Ironman competitor.

So, what’s in store for these principled leaders when they graduate?

If past year’s graduates are any indication, the future is bright. Reporting the highest employment rates across top programs, Goizueta 2021 Full-Time MBA graduates entered the job market in full force, and Goizueta’s 2022 Full-Time MBA graduates are following suite.

Within three months of graduating, 98 percent of Goizueta Business School’s Full-Time MBA graduates received and accepted offers for a full-time job and garnered the highest salaries in the school’s history. Click To Tweet

Within three months of graduating, 98 percent of Goizueta’s 2022 Full-Time MBA graduates received and accepted offers for a full-time job and garnered the highest salaries in the school’s history. Graduates report a $193,000 median salary plus signing bonus.

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