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“Tom Smith talks economic outlook for 2020, “Closer Look,” 90.1 FM WABE

Associate Professor Tom Smith provides helpful financial tips and insights for the new year.

Smith: Thank a veteran and thank their families

Col. Matt Smith 01MBA and Brigade Commander in the Georgia National Guard spoke at the 11th Annual Veteran's Day event Nov. 11.

Smith: People don’t want to commute two hours

Professor Tom Smith talks with 11Alive about some of the contributors to Atlanta's booming population.

Smith: Traffic issues from I-85 collapse could hurt small business

The fire that burned under a bridge on I-85 North Thursday evening did more than cause a collapse of the roadway and potentially months...

Smith: Companies win by giving employees chances to do good

Finance professor Tom Smith tells NPR News in Atlanta that companies like Mail Chimp that cater to employees' personal goals are doing a better job at retaining talent.

Smith: Individual opinions on MARTA will drive votes

“Everybody wants the system to be better than it is,” said Emory University economist Tom Smith. “But it’s all in how you show how it impacts me individually.”

Smith: Greece in need of debt forgiveness

Writing for Fortune, finance professor Tom Smith breaks down the newest developments in the debt crisis in Greece.

Smith: Rate hike a good sign, but FED has a lot on its mind

Wednesday the Federal Reserve announced it would raise the key interest rate to between around .25 percent. It's the first move of its kind in...

Smith: Trump’s immigration plan void of business basics

Goizueta's Tom Smith writes for Fortune: Two of the top GOP presidential contenders each claim professional creds that trump political experience (pun intended).

Smith: Hinting that rate hikes may be the Fed’s plan

The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States and sets monetary policy to steer the direction of the economy. Traditionally, the Fed has had three policy choices: increase its target interest rate, lower it or do nothing.

Smith: Big changes, challenges ahead for Greek economy

"On Sunday, the citizens of Greece voted No on the country’s referendum to accept a package of money in exchange for further austerity measures, now what?" writes Goizueta professor Tom Smith.

Smith: Can you really trust the unemployment rate?

Tom Smith, Assistant Professor in the Practice of Finance, writes for The Conversation asking the question: Why is it so hard to understand the unemployment rate?



Preparing the Workers of the Future

Goizueta Business School is Preparing the Workers of the Future
The future of work. What does it mean? For some, thoughts of artificial intelligence, doom and gloom, or robots taking over the world might come...