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Goizueta's top-ranked STEM designated BBA program

Awards Recognize Distinguished Members of Emory and Goizueta Faculty and Staff

Celebrating excellence and dedication in academia, Emory University and Goizueta Business School annually honor their most outstanding faculty and staff through a series of...
Happy Thanksgiving

We Asked, and Goizueta Community Members Answered: What Are You Thankful...

As celebrations of friends, family, and loved ones are in full swing once again this holiday season, members of the Goizueta community shared their...

HR clears the path for Goizueta employees

A new HR practice has emerged at Goizueta this year, one that will help the school run a bit more like a business. The “Career Pathing Project” is a concerted effort to increase retention and employee satisfaction by developing clear career paths for staff members.

Goizueta welcomes Young African Leaders during fifth annual YALI event

During the fifth annual Young African Leaders Institute, or YALI, 25 professionals from 19 countries stepped foot inside the Delta Leadership Hub at Goizueta to learn more about the school’s curriculum and culture.

Goizueta hosts first-of-its kind program with LEAD, corporate community

Goizueta’s long history of exposing young scholars to business education got a boost this summer when it embarked on a partnership with LEAD (LEADership,...
Goizueta Business School

Faculty, staff honored with year-end awards

Each year numerous awards are bestowed on faculty members at Goizueta Business School with emphasis on their roles in the classroom. For the 2013-2014 academic year, professors...

Goizueta Celebrates Alumni at Fernbank

“Our alums are our advocates,” Larry Benveniste, Dean of Goizueta Business School, told a group of alumni and guests gathered for the 2012 Alumni Awards Celebration, held Feb. 9 at Fernbank Museum of Natural History.