A new HR practice has emerged at Goizueta this year, one that will help the school run a bit more like a business. The “Career Pathing Project” is a concerted effort to increase retention and employee satisfaction by developing clear career paths for staff members. When employees understand their potential for growth within an organization and the skills they need to master in order to attain that growth, they are more engaged, invested and more likely to stick around. 

The program marks an increased commitment on Goizueta’s part to draw from the skill set of current employees to fill positions. In the few months of implementation, four staff members have been promoted—Jackie Conner, formerly director of academic affairs and instructional design, is now associate dean of Executive MBA Programs; Corey Dortch, formerly senior director of Full-Time MBA Programs, is now associate dean of the Evening MBA Program; Nicole Hitpas, formerly director of program marketing, is now chief marketing and communications officer; and Marvell Nesmith, formerly head of the registrar’s office, is now director of academic affairs and instructional design. 

“This initiative is already showing outstanding gains,” said Alicia Sierra, director of human resources and diversity at Goizueta. “Although we are in the first phase of this important project, it is already showing positive results by allowing us to maximize the talent and skills of employees who are already here and contributing to Emory. It’s a win-win for everyone.”