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Goizueta launches master of science in business analytics degree

Goizueta is diving into the burgeoning area of business analytics with a new master's in business analytics degree set to debut next year. Program...

Goizueta’s behavior lab aids in research

Creating knowledge and helping businesses make better decisions is the impetus for faculty in the area of Behavior & Decision Insights.

Goizueta alumni in Uruguay stay connected

Montevideo is Uruguay’s capital and its largest city; nearly half of the country’s population lives there—including several Goizueta alums: Javier Jasinski 01MBA, Andrés Mokobocki...

At the Crossroads: Navigating options for your future business venture

At some point, many entrepreneurs or small-business owners face a choice to either stay the course or sell their business, in whole or in part. In this feature, alumni and faculty share their insights on the decision-making process and the many factors that influence it from a seller’s point of view.

The importance of organic growth

Whatever the exit strategy, a company has to be a prospect that outsiders want to invest in or acquire in the first place. Companies...

Making the choice of selling easier: how much do you...

“How many of you want to be a billionaire?” Charles F. Goetz, serial entrepreneur and senior lecturer in organization & management, asks his students....
Erika Hall

Erika Hall on expanding the pie

According to Erika Hall, assistant professor of organization & management, there are three important metrics to know before entering into negotiations: the reservation price,...

What’s driving the joy of snacking?

“People are so time crunched that they are replacing meals with snacks, whether it’s yogurt or a bag of popcorn,” says Jolie Weber 09WEMBA, the new CEO of Wise Foods.

The Inconvenient Truth about the Convenience of Technology

Technology is an integral part of everyday life, but are the conveniences it provides too habit forming for our own good? Learn more in the new Emory Business cover story.

Data breaches harm store brand, reputation

With holiday shopping on the horizon, online merchants and brick-and-mortar stores are gearing up for a busy season. According to eMarketer.com, US retail sales...

Cyber security prevention just as important as response

Michael Marks Jr. 18EvMBA, an identity and access management architect for Coca-Cola Enterprises, explains that people need to change their habits.

Exploring the scholarly inquiry of Kathryn Kadous

According to research from Kathryn Kadous, McIntyre term chair and professor of accounting at Goizueta, the accounting world has yet to deal with how...