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The tug between protecting privacy and building brand loyalty

The tug between protecting privacy and building brand loyalty

The coronavirus pandemic has put much of normal life on hold, but it hasn’t stopped hackers. According to Securityboulevard.com, in the first...
The power of analytics: data-driven decision-making

The power of analytics: data-driven decision-making

From day one, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made it no secret that every decision he and his team make regarding management...
Strategic moves: Students aid Porsche with data strategy and sustainability efforts

Strategic moves: Students aid Porsche with data strategy and sustainability efforts

Alexander De Clerck 21EvMBA This year Two-Year MBA students participating in Goizueta IMPACT, one of the school’s signature...
Surviving and thriving as remote work goes viral

Empowering virtual teams now and in the future

In February 2020, as cases of coronavirus began appearing outside of China, corporate human resource departments scrambled to come up with policies...

#EmoryTogether: Goizueta alumni help fight COVID-19

The fallout from COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of society, from public health to businesses to community and family life. In these...

100 Years and Beyond: Goizueta positions itself for new era

As Dean Erika James stands at her desk surrounded by technology her predecessors would most certainly envy, she’s mindful that the challenges and goals for the future are in some ways similar to those that have come before.

The Lasting Legacy of Roberto C. Goizueta

How exceptional leadership, informed risk-taking and unwavering integrity created one of the world’s greatest CEOs

Scholarly research can be vital for running a business

It’s not every day a research paper sparks a stock sell-off on Wall Street. The reverberations began shortly after Daniel McCarthy, assistant professor of marketing,...

Unraveling the intricacies of global connectivity

The challenges of global business go well beyond language barriers. To create lasting, authentic partnerships, one must embrace culture, history, and societal norms.

Goizueta’s evolving global strategy

Proper exposure to international business requires multiple lenses. Yet one resource sometimes overlooked is the international elements across the university. Goizueta’s Dean Erika James, with an eye toward collaboration, has challenged the school to create more opportunities to prepare for international immersion and partner across campus.

From exchange student to Londoner

For some, international exchange can sharpen independence; for others, exposure to a country can kickstart a career. Matthew Williams 05BBA is a vice president at Blue Water Energy in London, where he’s lived since 2009.

What attracts talent to the table?

Is the time of the employee close at hand? After more than 20 years of downsizing, offshoring, buyouts, and innovation setting fire to traditional rules of the workplace, things are looking up for experienced, in-demand professionals.