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Goizueta Faculty and Staff Shine with Prestigious Accolades and Honors

In recognition of their outstanding achievements, Goizueta faculty and staff members have received numerous accolades this winter and spring, including recognition from renowned academic...

Goizueta Faculty Recognized with Awards for Excellence, Dedication over Past Year

Each year, Goizueta Business School honors faculty members for their dedication to and leadership in academic excellence in teaching, content development, experiential learning, scholarly...
Magnifying the Power of Human Capital in Mergers and Acquisitions

Magnifying the Power of Human Capital in Mergers and Acquisitions

Organizations should reframe the M&A conversation as an opportunity for professional advancement and growth, highlighting the positives, such as having increased capital, expanded markets,...

Excellence in teaching

At Goizueta, each graduating class votes to honor excellence in teaching.  This year’s recipients are: BBA Distinguished Educator: Allison Burdette Full-Time MBA Best New Educator: Renee...

Goizueta professors predict long recovery from Equifax breach

While the initial shock of a tremendously personal data breach of Equifax has subsided, two Goizueta Business School professors have said the fallout could go on for years, or even a decade.

Crowley receives Adler Teaching Prize, Williams Teaching Award

At the end of the semester, Lecturer in Finance Kevin Crowley received not one, but two awards for his work at Emory.

Business Saw Lasting Change Post-9/11

The attacks against America that shook the nation on Sept.  11, 2001 caused immeasurable human suffering, and also had a significant impact on business...