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Reserv Equity Founded by Goizueta Duo Poised for Success

For some, attending an MBA program is about acquiring the business acumen for a promotion, a salary increase, or an industry change....
New SPAC IPOs Inspire Happy Investors to Sign Blank Checks

New SPAC IPOs Inspire Happy Investors to Sign Blank Checks

SPACs are having a moment. 2021 is barely through its first quarter and the number of SPAC IPOs has surpassed 2020’s...
Alok Gupta 09MBA

Know Your Network: Alok Gupta 09MBA

Goizueta alumni hold more than a coveted degree from Emory; they also boast a wealth of life experiences and business know-how. In...
Alumnus Steve Jasmin and investing in frontier markets

High risk/high reward: Investing in frontier markets

 Steven Jasmin 05BBA, chairman and managing director of Smart City Clearing Company Ltd., a frontier market merchant bank based in the...

Case, Baks take home Donald R. Keough Award for Excellence

Near the end of the academic year, two individuals received the Donald R. Keough Award for Excellence.

Real Estate, Private Equity and the art of the deal

The fields of private equity and real estate contain components of deal making that go beyond textbooks. From industry speakers to case competitions, Klaas...

Baks: Investing for retirement requires perspective

There are ups and downs along the way, says Klaas Baks. “Think about a plane going from A to B," the Goizueta expert told the Atlanta Business Chronicle "There is volatility along the way. You can fly without turbulence, but it might take you 36 hours to go to a place that’s an hour away. It’s the same with investing."

Baks: When flipping houses, stick with cash

Klaas Baks, a finance professor and private equity expert at Goizueta discusses some ways to pay for a "flip" as WalletHub examines some of the best locations to make money in buying, refurbishing, and selling homes.

Faculty, staff honored with awards for 2015-16 academic year

Each year numerous awards are bestowed on faculty members at Goizueta Business School with emphasis on their roles in the classroom. For the 2015-16 academic year, professors from...

The importance of organic growth

Whatever the exit strategy, a company has to be a prospect that outsiders want to invest in or acquire in the first place. Companies...

DeKalb Business Radio Spotlights the RAISE Forum at Emory University

On Nov. 6, 2015, DeKalb Business Radio set up shop at the first ever RAISE (Retention and Advanced Investment for the Southeast at Emory) Forum for investors at Emory...

Pitch the Professor: Goizueta’s very own ‘Shark Tank’

Last fall, Goizueta launched Pitch to the Professors, a competition in which entrepreneurial-minded students have an opportunity to present their business concepts and strategies...