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Fall 2019: A season for conferences

A jam-packed schedule of enriching conferences is just as much a sign of autumn at Goizueta as changing leaves and cooler weather.

Leading analytic thinkers share insight during EmoryMAC Conference

The continual evolution of the analytics landscape made for new discourse through panel discussions and speaker presentations at the 7th annual Emory Marketing Analytics Center (EmoryMAC) Conference.

Student predicts NFL signing bonus money based on performance

The same variables used by the Cleveland Browns to pay Robert Griffin III a signing bonus of $3.5 million were also analyzed by an Emory...

Sneaker brands continue to make strides

Some shoe brands are doing better than others in courting the younger audience. Goizueta's Manish Tripathi shares some thoughts in this in-depth article.

CNBC: No #MarchMadness means plenty of lost revenue

As the NCAA Basketball Tournament comes to a close Monday evening, what do we make of those not in the Big Dance? How much money is on the line for those making it to the post season?

Tripathi: Championships are but a portion of what drives team value

For those business-minded people, take a moment to think about team value while watching Super Bowl 50. Championships are nice, but do they spark a rise in team value?

Pitch the Professor: Goizueta’s very own ‘Shark Tank’

Last fall, Goizueta launched Pitch to the Professors, a competition in which entrepreneurial-minded students have an opportunity to present their business concepts and strategies...

Fans pay more attention to total cost, not naming rights

"Manish Tripathi says the level of scrutiny is lower around sponsorship deals because they’re an afterthought to the public compared to the stadium deals themselves."

Tripathi: Ratings haven’t boosted women’s pro soccer

“I would’ve thought that while the World Cup was going on – we saw the numbers, we saw the amazing ratings that it was getting – they would’ve used it at that point, soon after the World Cup, to announce some deals. And they haven’t.”

Vikings in solid position in fan equity rankings

The Minnesota Vikings -- and their fans -- are certainly pleased by the team's placement in the recent fan equity rankings released by Manish Tripathi and Mike Lewis.

Tripathi: Virtual reality sports practice could be reality

Virtual reality could benefit athletes in golfing, boxing and racing, as well, said Manish Tripathi, a marketing professor at Emory University who studies sports marketing.

Goizueta hosts first-of-its kind program with LEAD, corporate community

Goizueta’s long history of exposing young scholars to business education got a boost this summer when it embarked on a partnership with LEAD (LEADership,...