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Exploring business with a social conscience

Through academic research, rich programming, and a focus on increasing prosperity where markets are ineffective, SE@G is making an impact. Wesley Longhofer, assistant professor...

Magazine releases #GoizuetaKudos for Fall 2016

In early May, Lynne Segall 99MBA, associate dean of management practice initiatives and lecturer in organization & management, orchestrated the first Goizueta Client Day,...

Goizueta Business School welcomes new faculty

Goizueta welcomes new faculty including (from left to right) Vilma Todri, assistant professor of information systems & operations management; Rohan Ganduri, assistant professor of...

Unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit at Goizueta

Charlie Goetz, senior lecturer in organization & management, and Andrea Hershatter, senior associate dean and BBA program director, believe in empowering others to unleash...

Goizueta gives boost to women coffee growers

When you brew your morning coffee, chances are those beans passed through the hands of a number of women before they reached your cup....
New Faculty

Nine new faculty members join for Fall 2016

"I am both privileged and honored to help this group achieve new heights as researchers and educators," said Kristy Towry, Vice Dean of Faculty and Research.

Goizueta adds more key thought leaders

In recent years, under faculty leadership, Goizueta has undertaken wholesale curriculum updates designed to provide more industry-specific and contemporary coursework. Meet some of the new -- and very well-connected -- faculty in the classroom.

Perceptions of assertive behavior at play in 2016 Election

Assistant Professor of Organization and Management Melissa Williams' research on women and perceived assertiveness can be applied to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Longhofer research cited in battling carbon emissions

Assistant Professor Wes Longhofer and colleagues have completed research that paints a different picture for battling climate change (The Washington Post).

Accelerators bring growth to entrepreneurs

Today’s entrepreneurs are constantly required to find new ways to stay competitive. Many business owners turn to accelerator programs designed to stimulate rapid growth...

Bianchi: People in wealthy households spend more time alone

Assistant Professor of Organization and Management Emily Bianchi spoke with NPR this week on new research tying some social behaviors to income.

Knowledge Creation: A look at research from Spring 2016

A significant marker of a leading business school is the creation of new knowledge. Goizueta faculty, using rigorous methodologies, focus on researching important problems...