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Optimizing the delivery speed promise can boost sales

Optimizing the delivery speed promise can boost sales

Ruomeng Cui, assistant professor in information systems & operations management After the coronavirus pandemic forced most of the...

Leadership awards announced

Major Jason “J” Waidzulis 20MBA and Michael Battat 20BBA The winners of this year’s Roberto...

“The economic impact of the coronavirus,” Fortune

The health impact of the coronavirus is well-documented, but what is the potential impact on international trade and the global economy? Assistant Professor Ruomeng Cui discusses the effect of the virus on supply chains.
Shipping and Logistics

What happens when shipping for online shoppers is interrupted?

Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management Ruomeng Cui talks with INFORMS about what happened when Alibaba lost access to one of its shipping service for nearly 48 hours.

Cui: Delivery partnerships key for online sellers

How much should logistics matter to online retail platforms? Plenty, says Goizueta’s Ruomeng Cui. In fact, forward-thinking organizations would do well to factor logistics into...

Professor Ruomeng Cui answers questions about shopping on Super Saturday

Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management Ruomeng Cui helps answer three questions when it comes to shopping on Super Saturday.

New faculty join Goizueta

The fall season means crisp weather, changing leaves, and a host of new Goizueta faculty. This year, we welcome faculty specializing in finance, organization & management, marketing, and more.