The Executive MBA program at Goizueta works with students balancing an immense load. From work commitments, to family, to classwork EMBA hopefuls can face more than their share of stress.

To help preserve ties with family and friend, the program recently instituted a separate cohort just for its students’ partners.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal (subscription required), associate dean Steve Walton talked about the importance of sharing understanding about the workload and commitment required in an EMBA program.

Walton said the school wanted to lower stress, particularly that between couples, and increase patience from both parties. Activities for spouses and partners were added in January complete with orientation and other procedures designed for an entering EMBA student.

“The goal is to recreate a portion of what the students go through so they have a shared experience,” Walton told The Wall Street Journal.

The partners cohort continues to grow with new activities planned for the coming months.