According to an evaluation of recent job placements, employability of Goizueta MBAs is strong in the Southeast banking and finance sector and among the top 10 institutions nationally.

Carolyn C. Wise of, writing for a recent post on, says location played a role for 79 percent of MBAs surveyed about their choice of business schools.

Location is also a factor in finance careers.

“But don’t think you won’t get anywhere in finance without a NYC MBA,” Wise writes. “The finance industry is not as geographically focused as the legal industry and lacks the prestige obsession of consulting.  Aside from the broad geographic reach of New York schools, employment patterns in finance show a slight regional tilt.  In each region, a local school is No. 1 in our employability rankings.”

Goizueta ranked No. 1 in the Southeast and 10th nationally. The study also found firms in the Southeast are more likely to hire from a school within the region. Goizueta students also fared well in Atlanta.

“… Earning your MBA at a top school located in the city where you want to work will provide the leg up you need to get a job in a top firm,” concludes Wise. “Truth be told, going to school in the city where you want to work is a smart move in any industry.”