Searching for television shows online can be a chore but a Goizueta alum hopes his company can help users clean up their viewing experience as the Internet becomes a more viable option for everyday television.

Former CEO Jim Lanzone (JD/MBA98) told USA Today a soon-to-be 1-year old venture, Clicker, was built to address needs for the future of television. 

“We were looking at the next 50 years of television, and how it was merging with the Internet,” Lanzone, Clicker’s CEO and co-founder told the paper. “How would you navigate all of that? A daily calendar wouldn’t cut it anymore, which is what programming guides were in the previous 50 years. … It would need to be a lot more like a search engine.”

Clicker goes beyond regular search engines, which do a good enough job finding listings of programs available on the web. Take the hit show, Glee… The service, according to USA Today, lists “prime-time showing, plus the five most recent episodes in rotation on the Hulu website, as well as which Glee episodes are available for viewing via iTunes and Amazon.”

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