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The Wall Street Journal: Phone-Wielding Shoppers Strike Fear Into Retailers
“‘Only a couple of retailers can play the lowest-price game,’ says Noam Paransky, senior manager at consultancy Kurt Salmon Associates [12MEMBA]. ‘This is going to accelerate the demise of retailers who do not have either competitive pricing’ or a standout store experience.”

News Center: People will accept new brand post Hero-Honda split
“According to [Jag] Sheth, people will accept the new brand even after the termination of the joint venture company. He said that the split will not impact market. However, there will be tough time if market becomes stagnant and refuses to grow.”

(San Jose) Mercury-News: Does a colleague step on your toes?
“Do you frequently feel put-upon, upset or annoyed at work? Setting and defending personal boundaries, a concept drawn from psychology, can help defuse conflicts and create a more efficient, productive workplace.”

MBA Universe: Deans & Directors of top B-schools discuss future economic landscape at AIM conference
“Dr. Jagdish Sheth, Co-Founder, AIM said, ‘A new global order has emerged recently, with China, Brazil and India. They are likely to trigger dramatic changes and transform the global economic landscape in the coming years.'”

Atlanta Business Radio: Has Atlanta Met Expectations on its High-Tech Industry?
“Eric [Christ (MBA)] has held roles such as President, CIO and other senior executive positions in various IT and high tech companies from venture-backed to Fortune 15 companies such as Patient Placement Systems, McKesson Corporation, Harbinger and 1stAg Corporation.”

Forbes India: Sam Palmisano — IBM’s Guiding Spirit
“Palmisano has followed an aggressive internalisation strategy that no major technology company can match. ‘Under Sam, IBM will become more Asia-centric,’ says Jagdish Sheth, professor of marketing and strategy [sic] at Goizueta Business School of Emory University in Atlanta, USA.