FT classroomThe Wall Street Journal recently published an article, “B-School Year Gets Off to an Earlier Start” that highlights a growing trend with business schools. The article states,

“August has barely begun, but for some business-school students, the school year is already in full swing. Schools are summoning first-year students to campus ever earlier.”

Goizueta remains ahead of the curve, previously recognizing the added value of an earlier start. The One-Year MBA Program starts in early May, while the Two-Year MBA Program starts in early August. As a result, Goizueta’s students hit the ground running. The combination of receiving core courses in the first semester, an early start time and early career guidance better equips students for the recruiting season. The article quotes,

“Emory University’s Goizueta Business School says the number of students with full-time offers by the time their internships end the following summer has more than doubled since the school restructured its curriculum five years ago and started bringing in first-year students at the beginning of August, according to Wendy Tsung, associate dean for M.B.A. career services.”

Last year, 91 % of the class had job offers, and three months post-graduation, 98% had offers. Bloomberg Businessweek also ranked Goizueta No. 1 in employment, with the highest percentage increase in salary and bonus figures. (View 2012 MBA Employment Report.)