Maryam Alavi

In a viewpoint editorial for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Interim Dean of Goizueta Business School, Maryam Alavi, recently offered an insightful take on the evolving nature of executive MBA programs. Alavi, an expert in IT and knowledge management and technology-mediated learning, sheds light on the effects of the global financial crisis on business schools’ offerings for executives.

“Business leaders must move cautiously, as the economic downturn has increased the amount of uncertainty around investment decisions and forced companies to do more with fewer resources,” says Alavi. “At the same time, leaders must be creative as technology and globalization accelerate the pace of change in industries. Executives must innovate and compete by experimenting and investing in new technologies even when the return may be unclear.”

She identifies the returns an MBA can offer not only to executives but to their companies as well, citing the immediate delivery of increased productivity and fresh ideas. Goizueta emphasizes “next day readiness,” which equips students with valuable knowledge and tools to apply what’s taught in the classroom to real-time marketplace happenings that students face on a daily basis.

Teaching executives to think across multiple functions and enhancing their leadership skills are two initiatives that Alavi also notes as crucial to an executive MBA experience.

“Change in the business world creates both opportunities and challenges for business education,” says Alavi. “I am excited to lead Goizueta as we continue to innovate and help our executives stay ready for the business challenges of today and the future. Together with the other excellent professional business schools in our region, we can serve as part of the engine to drive growth in the Atlanta region and the world.”

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