MSBA 2023 cohort

In a world of rapidly expanding technology and big data, the ability to collect, analyze, and make inferences has become increasingly invaluable. One of Goizueta’s newest programs, a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA), gives students hands-on experience in turning big data into bold ideas. The program is designed to create business data scientists who use their education to stand on the cutting edge of business advancements. The MS in Business Analytics combines insights from a number of preexisting fields, including information systems management, computer science, applied statistics, and management.

Within the class of 2019, 100 percent of MSBA students were employed within six months.

The MSBA takes a 10-month approach to train students in data mining, sorting through large sets of data; machine learning, the automation of analytic model building; econometrics, testing hypotheses through statistics; relational and NoSQL databases; text mining, exploring and analyzing text sets; data visualization; decision theory; and consumer and human behavior.

Ramnath Chellappa, associate dean and academic director of the MSBA program, is thrilled to welcome the sixth cohort of students.

Our unique curriculum and capstone prepare the students to be technically competent and excel in their data modeling skills, while never forgetting that, first and foremost, we solve business problems. As a professional degree program, an important goal is readiness for the workplace from day one.

Ramnath K. Chellappa, professor of Information Systems & Operations Management

Students have access to the program’s deans, faculty, career coaches, and even corporate mentors to personalize a successful career strategy.

“[We] are thrilled to have a machine learning expert in Dean Gareth James to lead our business school at this important juncture,” Chellappa notes.

Leading Atlanta companies and executives support the program with expertise and professional connections. A data-intensive capstone project allows MSBA students to work in forward-facing roles with real-world clients to solve real-world problems.

The capstone’s conclusion project requires each team of student consultants to produce three deliverables for their clients: code and clean data; dashboard visualization to illustrate the project’s effects; and an executive deck, encompassing an official business presentation.

As in previous years, the class profile is strong. These remarkable students will use big data for big business problems. The future looks bright.

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