Graham Jaenicke 14MBA

When a mid-career Goizueta grad reevaluates the trajectory of his or her career, big changes often occur.

For Graham Jaenicke 14MBA, the newly honed skills developed in his Two-Year MBA program imbued him with the confidence to leave the familiar entertainment sector behind and plunge into the world of strategic leadership.

Considering a Career or Industry Change?

Jaenicke shares these top tips and encourages people to remember the lessons he learned at Goizueta.

Be intellectually curious. “Every day is an opportunity to learn from those around you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and look dumb.”

Know what is important to you. “Be honest about what it is you want to solve for in your pivot. Choose three things–not 30–and intimately understand why.”

Recognize risks. “Understand the challenges and risks that come with big decisions, and adhere to your comfort level.”

Leverage your network. “Whether it’s Goizueta’s 23,000 alumni or the stellar faculty and staff, recognize the remarkable group of people who would be excited to help you.”

Grow through challenge. “You learn very little from what you already know.”

After his own career pivot, Jaenicke is now the strategy lead and the CEO’s chief of staff at Snap One, a smart home technology firm. In addition, he serves as the Goizueta Alumni Board president and volunteers for many Goizueta initiatives, such as alumni mentoring.

Goizueta’s Two-Year MBA degree is all about impact. In the end, you’ll be ready for any challenge the business world throws at you.