Jennifer Barron 24MBA has a mind for music. She plays the bassoon and spent four years working for the Erie Philharmonic.

Jennifer Barron 24MBA

Barron’s last role working with the organization was as director of patron services. She says the highlight of that job was interacting with visitors and donors and “seeing them experience something special at concerts.” That position also had her engaging with the fundraising, finance, and marketing departments—learning the ins and outs of a smaller-scale organization.

During her tenure at the Erie Philharmonic, Barron discovered a passion for marketing strategy. Eventually, she reached a point where she was ready to pivot her career. It seemed to Barron the only way to move into a new-to-her industry, such as hospitality or tourism, was to return to school. She decided an MBA would help her hone her business skills and continue refining her leadership acumen.

So, she moved from Pennsylvania to Atlanta to join Goizueta Business School’s One-Year MBA program.

“When looking at different MBA programs, Goizueta drew me in with its small size as well as the people I met in the process. They were welcoming and friendly, exactly what I wanted in a program,” shares Barron.

Growth Through Feedback

Pizza with friends from Barron’s cohort

Pursuing her MBA at Goizueta has provided Barron with the knowledge and skillset to pivot from the nonprofit sector. Her long-term career goal is to bring her skills back to the arts nonprofit arena one day. In the meantime, her self-confidence has grown during the short time she’s spent on campus. There’s one refrain that Barron and her classmates have heard over the last year. “Feedback is a gift.” It’s through this feedback that she has been able to learn and grow the most.

At a Braves game

“Outside of my coursework, the thing that will help me the most post-graduation is how I have grown as a person,” shares Barron. “I also believe it’s important to learn different leadership styles, especially ones that you’re not very comfortable with.”

With that in mind, Barron dove headfirst into the bevy of leadership opportunities that Goizueta has to offer. She served as the vice president of the Goizueta Board Association, which hosts the famous weekly KEGS. Additionally, Barron spent time as a Delta Leadership Coaching Fellow and Goizueta IMPACT Coaching Fellow. She also is finalizing her Certificate of Advanced Leadership. This program requires students to complete a few extra courses, activities, and a capstone in their last semester.

A social event at Jenkins Courtyard

“I wanted to take advantage of all opportunities during my one year at Goizueta,” says Barron about her full workload.

The IMPACT experience, which she is currently involved in, has been particularly profound, says Barron. She’s been able to compile everything she’s learned over the course of her degree and practically apply it before she graduates.

“Leading a team when you’re not doing the day-to-day is a very important thing to know. It’s common in the workplace,” says Barron. “IMPACT has been one final learning opportunity, helping a first-year student group work with a real client. It has given me real-life experience.”

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