Winners of the 2024 Goizueta Alumni awards

In early April, Goizueta Business School’s Advancement and Alumni Engagement Office recognized three outstanding individuals in their annual award ceremony. This night honors alumni for their dedication to their profession, Goizueta, and the greater Emory University community. With an alumni network of 27,000, finding just a handful of alumni to recognize is no easy feat.

“Goizueta has so many alumni who make us extremely proud. This year’s honorees definitely stood out, though,” says Lindsay Topping, managing senior director of alumni engagement for Goizueta. “We could not be more thrilled to recognize this year’s award recipients: Sig Mosley, Dipeeka Bastola, and Debbie Perantoni.”

Distinguished Alumnus Award: Sig Mosley 66Ox 68BBA

The Distinguished Alumnus Award began in 1984. It serves as Goizueta’s way of recognizing an individual who has achieved success in their career and has an ongoing commitment to serving their community and the Goizueta community. This year’s recipient was Sig Mosley 66Ox 68BBA.

Sig Mosley 66Ox 68BBA, 2024 winner of the Distinguished Alumnus Award, with Dean Gareth James
Sig Mosley, 2024 winner of the Distinguished Alumnus Award, with Dean Gareth James

Mosley was nominated by Robert Kazanjian, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of organization and management and former academic director of The Roberto C. Goizueta Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

“Honoring Sig in this way pays homage to his long history of contributions to Goizueta students with interests in entrepreneurship and investing,” says Kazanjian in his nomination.

Sig has done more than any other alum to support the Center for Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship programming at Goizueta. He has been central to our efforts over the past decade.

Robert Kazanjian, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Organization & Management

Mosley, known as the “godfather of angel investing” in the Southeast, is currently the managing partner of Mosley Ventures. He has helped fund nearly 150 startups in the Southeast since 1990 and holds the record in the region for the largest venture deal ($5.7 billion) for the acquisition of Tradex by Ariba.

Sig Mosley posing with winners of the 2022 Siggie Awards
Mosley with winners of the 2022 Siggie Awards

Mosley even has an awards program named after him: The Siggie Awards. The awards honor early-stage investors helping to grow Atlanta’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and recognize unsung heroes in the Atlanta startup community.

“It is truly an honor to receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Goizueta. Being one of many qualified alumni from the school, it is truly a privilege to receive this award. I look forward to continuing to work with the school in the years ahead,” says Mosley.

Outstanding Recent Alumna Award: Dipeeka Bastola 20MSBA

The newest alumna of the three award recipients, Dipeeka Bastola 20MSBA, receives this year’s Outstanding Recent Alumna Award.

The award, which began in 1999, recognizes a recent graduate (within the last five years) who demonstrates outstanding service to Goizueta and Emory University, notable success in business, or exceptional service to the community.

Dipeeka Bastola 20MSBA, 2024 winner of the Outstanding Recent Alumna Award, with Dean Gareth James
Dipeeka Bastola with Dean Gareth James

Bastola is the first MS in Business Analytics degree alumna to receive this award. She currently works as a data scientist for The Home Depot.

Nominator Christine Battle, program director of Goizueta’s Master of Analytical Finance degree, speaks highly of Bastola. “Dipeeka has been a leader from the time she was admitted into the MSBA program. Now, she continues to lead as an alumna,” says Battle. “She consistently comes back to campus to share her knowledge and experience with students.”

Her warm personality and go-getter attitude have allowed many students to learn from her experiences and trust the process of going through graduate school and landing their dream role.

Christine Battle, program director, Master of Analytical Finance

“One of the greatest things about Dipeeka is she gives back beyond just the Business Analytics program. She has also served on panels and attended sessions for the Master of Analytical Finance program and other Goizueta events,” continues Battle. “Dipeeka is a true leader. She embodies what we would want all Goizueta alumni to be. She is personable, responsible, and committed to helping others succeed. I know I can always count on Dipeeka whenever I reach out to her. She is well deserving of this award.”

Alumni Service Award: Debbie Perantoni 00EvMBA

The Alumni Service Award began in 1995 to recognize alumni who demonstrate significant service to Goizueta or Emory. Debbie Perantoni 00EvMBA, director of product technology at AT&T, is this year’s recipient.

“Over the past decade of being actively engaged in the Goizueta alumni community, I’ve attended many recognition events. However, I never expected the honor of such an award,” says Perantoni. She was nominated for the honor by Jason Payton 12EvMBA, current Goizueta Alumni Board president.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve. I can honestly say I get way more out of the alumni experience than I could ever hope to give back.

Debbie Perantoni 00EvMBA
Debbie Perantoni 00EvMBA, 2024 winner of the Alumni Service Award, with Dean Gareth James
Debbie Perantoni 00EvMBA, 2024 winner of the Alumni Service Award, with Dean Gareth James

Perantoni’s volunteerism to Goizueta and the greater Emory community includes multiple roles on the Goizueta Alumni Board. She is a former board president and served seven years on the board. Perantoni was instrumental in the Goizueta@Work program, helping foster an alumni community at AT&T, where she has worked for 18 years. She has also been a mentor, supported Goizueta events, sponsored two IMPACT projects, and is finishing up an MS in Business Analytics capstone project.

In his nomination, Payton wrote, “Debbie has served Goizueta in multiple capacities for many years. She is a selfless leader and has always shown the willingness to do whatever is necessary to support students, faculty, and Goizueta’s core values. Debbie represents the best of Goizueta professionally and personally.”

Congratulations to this year’s alumni award winners. As Steve Greenfield 04EvMBA emcee for this year’s ceremony said in his closing remarks of the evening: “You each are an inspiration.”

You, too, can give back to Goizueta with a contribution to the Emory 2O36 campaign.