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Building Global Presence by Inspiring Goizueta Entrepreneurs, Innovation, and Investing

Sig Mosley 68BBA has been a fixture in Atlanta’s early-stage investing community for decades, helping fund nearly 150 startups since he founded...
A mother kisses her baby

When Medicine and Business Intersect, Children Breathe More Clearly

Dr. Steven Goudy earned his Goizueta Business School MBA to make at-home medical care easier and more efficient for parents of sick children.
New SPAC IPOs Inspire Happy Investors to Sign Blank Checks

New SPAC IPOs Inspire Happy Investors to Sign Blank Checks

SPACs are having a moment. 2021 is barely through its first quarter and the number of SPAC IPOs has surpassed 2020’s...
Charlie Goetz

Serial entrepreneur Charlie Goetz on why now is a good time...

Charlie Goetz Charlie Goetz, senior lecturer in organization and management and distinguished lecturer in entrepreneurship, is a serial entrepreneur, an...

Experts weigh in at the RAISE Forum ‘Rise’ Panel

Leading inventors, investors and entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry discussed innovation in healthcare on the RAISE Forum “Rise” Panel, an event that provides interested members of the public an opportunity to network and hear from industry experts ahead of the biannual RAISE Forum.

Students, African innovators team up in Johannesburg to address pressing healthcare...

Eleven Goizueta MBA candidates traveled to Johannesburg to attend the fourth annual Advancing Healthcare Innovation in Africa conference, which supports innovative health products and services created by Africans for Africans.

Alumni pitch startups, seek investment opportunities at 2019 Spring RAISE Forum

The bi-annual RAISE Forum aims to close the Southeast's funding gap by funding local startups at levels above $1 million, with the goal of keeping early-stage companies in the Southeast.

RAISE Forum ‘Rise’ panel discusses ‘starting upward’: doing well by doing...

The RAISE Forum's 'Rise' panel took place on March 22 at Goizueta. At the breakfast event, successful entrepreneurs who strive to make a positive difference in the world shared their stories and answered the question, "How do we do well by doing right?"

RAISE Forum provides opportunity for startups to stay in the Southeast

Goizueta’s RAISE (Retention and Advanced Investment for the Southeast at Emory) Forum is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who wish to grow their companies...

Students help promote life-saving healthcare innovations at AHIA conference

Goizueta students and faculty traveled to Johannessburg, South Africa to attend the AHIA conference, a three-day event aiming to reduce morbidity and mortality in Africa by advising and training African scientists in business and legal areas.