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Reserv Equity Founded by Goizueta Duo Poised for Success

For some, attending an MBA program is about acquiring the business acumen for a promotion, a salary increase, or an industry change. For Onu...

Lyft Media’s Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Respects Risk-Taking

Travel is essential to the startup and story of Faizan Bhatty 14BBA, an entrepreneur named to the Forbes 30 under 30 in rideshare advertising. Journeying...
A woman smells fresh coffee.

From Bean to Cup: Goizueta Balances the Scale of Financial Equity...

Terms like “diversity and inclusion,” “equity,” and “sustainability” seem to be repeated everywhere lately. They appear in mission statements, press releases, and HR memos...
Olu Fagbemiro

Aneden Consulting Offers Electrical Solutions in a Climate-Stressed World; Opens Access...

When Olu Fagbemiro 12EvMBA decided to leave a well-paying job she loved to open her own shop, she wondered who she would be in...
Taking on Super Polluters to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Taking on Super Polluters to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

If just the top five percent of carbon-emitting plants in the U.S. reduced emissions to the average intensity of all plants, overall emissions from the electricity...
From global citizen to entrepreneur: Alum JD Kim shares his vision

From global citizen to entrepreneur: Alum JD Kim shares his vision

Jongdae “JD” Kim 07Ox 11C 17EvMBA grew up in South Korea and the United States, where he was born. He carries both U.S. and South Korean passports,...

MBA students pitch ideas on reaching millennials during Delta travel contest

Delta and Goizueta launched the creative, interactive competition as a way to consider company-student engagement and encourage meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Unraveling the intricacies of global connectivity

The challenges of global business go well beyond language barriers. To create lasting, authentic partnerships, one must embrace culture, history, and societal norms.

Goizueta’s evolving global strategy

Proper exposure to international business requires multiple lenses. Yet one resource sometimes overlooked is the international elements across the university. Goizueta’s Dean Erika James, with an eye toward collaboration, has challenged the school to create more opportunities to prepare for international immersion and partner across campus.

BBA students gain global business perspective during Social Enterprise trip

While most Emory students traveled to sunny beaches or went home to see family, several BBA students saw the week of spring break as opportunity to learn and grow

Delta’s Steve Sear gives invaluable advice to UBSLC students

Last week I attended the Undergraduate Business School Leadership Conference alongside students from across the world.

Students compete for international study opportunities during Delta travel contest

How would you suggest Delta Air Lines solidify itself as the “carrier of choice for the next generation of travelers?” That question was posed by the airline to Goizueta Business School FTMBA students as part of the Delta Air Lines Mid-Semester Module International Travel Competition.