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Goizueta Investment Management Group in the early years

Students Manage Emory Investments for 10 Years through Goizueta Investment Management...

Guided by Goizueta faculty, students have gained hands-on investment experience through Goizueta Investment Management Group (GIMG). Founded a decade ago by then students Corey...

Post-Financial Crisis: How Well do Mutual Fund Stocks Fare?

Following the global financial crisis in 2008, the assets of passively managed mutual funds have ballooned, while the market share of actively managed funds...

Busse: Stock market shows little reaction to geo-political events

In previous eras, the stock market may have reacted differently to a seemingly endless drumbeat of geopolitical headlines sure to rattle it. These days, the reaction is little more than a yawn, or momentary dip only to rebound within days, said Jeffrey Busse, an associate professor of finance at the Goizueta Business School.
Jeffrey “Jeff” Busse, Goizueta Foundation Term Professor of Finance

Jeffrey Busse dives deep into world of financial markets

Jeffrey Busse, associate professor of finance, started his professional life working at Honeywell’s Minneapolis location as an electrical engineer.

At the Crossroads: Navigating options for your future business venture

At some point, many entrepreneurs or small-business owners face a choice to either stay the course or sell their business, in whole or in part. In this feature, alumni and faculty share their insights on the decision-making process and the many factors that influence it from a seller’s point of view.

Knowledge Creation: Featured faculty research for Fall 2015

A significant marker of a leading business school is the creation of new knowledge. Goizueta faculty, using rigorous methodologies, focus on researching important problems...
Jim Minnick and Jeff Busse

Coffee With… Jeff Busse

Jeff Busse, associate professor of finance, and Jim Minnick 99EvMBA, founder and CEO of eVestment, first crossed paths in 1998. Busse was teaching his...
Teaching Digital

Faculty change techniques in digital age

Business education is in the throes of a historic transformation. Changes driven by technological advances and the corresponding demands of business are affecting how...

Research: The Buy-Side And Sell-Side

EDITOR’S NOTE: Goizueta Newsroom regularly shares news on the school, its faculty, staff, students and alumni. But we also take pride in sharing vital pieces...