This summer the BBA program will begin a special program designed for non-business majors. FILE PHOTO

This June, the BBA Program will launch The Goizueta Summer Institute, a for-credit, 3-week intensive academic course of study for non-business majors.

The program is designed to provide students with an overview of the functional areas of business and the foundations of management as they apply to any profit or nonprofit organization.

The institute includes an interdisciplinary course with sessions in finance, strategy, operations, accounting, and marketing, culminating in a capstone applied project, and a hands-on seminar focused on career preparation and professional development. The program carries six academic credit hours and leads to a certificate.

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Rising juniors and seniors in Emory College who would like to develop management knowledge relevant to their current areas of study or would like to expand their career prospects by familiarizing themselves with business fundamentals are eligible for the program. Students who attend other universities can also apply.

Tuition for the 2012 Summer Institute, $7,600, is based on six academic credit hours at the summer rate, and need-based financial aid is available for qualified Emory students. Emory University housing is available at an additional fee for those students who reside outside the Atlanta area.

Informational sessions will be conducted on campus in February, and the deadline for applications is March 30. Classes begin on June 4 and run through June 22.

For more information, email Libby Egnor.

– Nicole Golston