Goal-oriented and driven by creativity, discipline, and execution, Ssyuan “Sara” Wang 22BBA 23MAF is approaching the new Master of Analytical Finance (MAF) degree with the same passion. As part of the program’s first class, Wang hopes to build on analysis skills she honed while serving as a financial analyst for the Emory Impact Investing Group.

I expect the program to not only sharpen my technical skills in finance, but also improve my networking skills. After connecting and talking to the degree faculty, I immediately decided to apply to this program.

Wang says, praising faculty experience and connections

Originally from Taiwan, Wang’s talent for analysis and growth is complemented by recognized prowess in classical piano performance. While earning her BBA from Goizueta, she also earned a degree in music from Emory College of Arts and Sciences. Earlier this year, Wang was honored with the Sudler Award for graduating seniors who have demonstrated remarkable promise in the performing or creative arts.

Always challenge-ready, Wang also entered and won Best Emory Spirit in 2022 for an image she created using an AI design software, which she submitted in a competition to be featured as the cover for Emory Magazine.

Both business-savvy and inspired, Wang credits the community around her for creating a supportive educational environment in which she could flourish.

“The solid education Goizueta provides ensures my technical skills in being a future financial analyst,” she shares, citing continuous reinforcement of student integrity and work ethics. “The diversity of Emory students gives me an open mindset, allowing me to be more accepting of others’ opinions and encouraging me to think in different perspectives.”

Goizueta’s new Master of Analytical Finance degree program is designed to prepare the next generation of finance careers. Learn more about this accelerated, internship-style 10-month STEM degree.