In August, the Finance Lab opened its doors for Goizueta students to gain 24/7 access to the fast pace of markets in the real-world trading floor setting.

Professional tools, data, and trading platforms include Bloomberg, FactSet, Thompson, Python, R Studio, Barra, and MATLAB. Primary student users for the lab are those enrolled in the new Master of Analytical Finance program, a unique degree designed to shape leaders for the future of finance.

Led by Academic Director Kirsten Travers-Uyham, associate professor in the practice of finance, the program draws strength from an advisory board that includes senior leaders from top companies including Invesco, Rubicon Crypto, J.P. Morgan, Palladium Equity Partners, and Cantor Fitzgerald LP. Designed by professionals with a data-driven STEM curriculum, the program explores financial markets through analytics and expert insights.

Drawing on course and lab work, Fridays “On the Job” immerse students in experiential learning through four rotations of a Wall Street firm. Following completion of the financial data and business statistics bootcamps, career-building rotations include global markets, asset portfolios, strategies, and in practice.

Goizueta is proud to share that the first cohort of students has 46 percent women and 76 percent of students earned their bachelor’s degrees in the U.S.

Looking to take your skills to the next level? Goizueta’s 10-month, action-based Master of Analytical Finance program is for versatile thinkers ready for next gen finance careers. Learn more.