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Research Reveals Uptick in Hostility toward Black Americans during Tough Economic Times

Research Reveals Uptick in Hostility Toward Black Americans During Tough Economic...

Goizueta Experts Encourage Business Leaders to Double Down on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts. Do recessions stoke racial...
Product Returns Represent Billion-Dollar Strategic Blind Spot for Major Retailers

Product Returns Represent Billion-Dollar Strategic Blind Spot for Major Retailers

“Product returns have never, to our knowledge, been explicitly included as a stage in a major customer journey model,” the authors...

Scholarly research can be vital for running a business

It’s not every day a research paper sparks a stock sell-off on Wall Street. The reverberations began shortly after Daniel McCarthy, assistant professor of marketing,...

Bockstedt discusses new online privacy laws with CNN

Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management Jesse Bockstedt recently spoke with CNN International on updates to European Union online privacy laws. The...

Q&A: Bowman on marketing research trends, skills graduates need

Professor of Marketing Doug Bowman sits down with Business Librarian Ann Cullen to discuss his insights on the complexity of marketing decisions and how shifting the research focus from “asking” to “observing” can lead to better insights on consumer behavior.

Goizueta faculty weigh in on changing retail industry, Amazon Go

A groundbreaking new convenience store concept recently launched by Amazon is set to test the trajectory of how technology will be integrated in the retail industry going forward.

Coffee with…Michael Lewis and Michelle Andrews

For analytical sleuths like Michael Lewis, associate professor of marketing, and Michelle Andrews, assistant professor of marketing, the impact of branding is everywhere, from major league teams to politics.

Williams: Assertiveness comes with a price

EDITOR'S NOTE: This piece was originally published in The Wall Street Journal.  ... We found that women weren’t penalized for assertiveness that was expressed through nonverbal...

James hosts 2017 First Day Town Hall event

Erika James, John H. Harland Dean of Emory University's Goizueta Business School, delivered her annual Town Hall address Wednesday afternoon to a capacity crowd of faculty, staff and students. James, who is entering her fourth academic year leading the school, took the opportunity to detail success stories from the past calendar year and inspire action as the school nears its centennial celebration.

Hamilton explores mindsets of consumers

Don’t assume to know what your customer is thinking. You need to understand how different purchasing “mindsets” influence decisions, then market accordingly. The data...
Emily Bianchi, associate professor of organization & management

Goizueta’s Emily Bianchi discusses new findings about CEOs, recessions and ethics

Assistant Professor of Organization & Management Emily Bianchi shows recession graduates are more ethical, less narcissistic and stay with companies longer in a new article from Harvard Business Review

Differences in income connected to social behaviors

Research from Assistant Professor Emily Bianchi suggests those with higher incomes may be more likely to live more isolated lives. In her TedExPeachtree Talk,...