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Olu Fagbemiro

Aneden Consulting Offers Electrical Solutions in a Climate-Stressed World; Opens Access...

When Olu Fagbemiro 12EvMBA decided to leave a well-paying job she loved to open her own shop, she wondered who she would...
A rich man holds the world

Climate Change-Related Natural Disasters Impact Short-Lived Assets and Interest Rates

For decades, scientists across the globe have warned about the effects of climate change. Given that these changes—global warming, rising sea levels—happen...
Taking on Super Polluters to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Taking on Super Polluters to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

If just the top five percent of carbon-emitting plants in the U.S. reduced emissions to the average intensity of all plants, overall emissions...

Longhofer examines business, climate change

Climate change. The UN international treaty on climate change dominated the headlines in 2017. President Trump caused consternation for some, celebration for others, when in May...

Longhofer research cited in battling carbon emissions

Assistant Professor Wes Longhofer and colleagues have completed research that paints a different picture for battling climate change (The Washington Post).

Debate on climate change becomes more political

Wes Longhofer's research on global warming and climate change suggests energy efficiency is a cost-effective strategy for reducing aggregate energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change, not pipeline, the energy story

According to Ray Hill, senior lecturer in finance at Goizueta, the debate around renewable energy itself boils down to one thing: climate change.

California drought puts pressure on business, government

California businesses large and small operating across a wide range of industries have dealt with shared pain in recent years. In early April, the...