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Goizueta Business School

Goizueta announces profile of One-Year MBA Class of 2020

Notable in the Class of 2020 is an increase in GMAT score and female students.

#GoizuetaENGAGE conference tackles gender equality head on

The #goizuetaENGAGE conference brought together individuals with a passion to improve gender equality in business and included discussion panels, networking opportunities and inspiring speakers.

#GoizuetaENGAGE conference highlights purpose in careers

When Abbey Kocan 09MBA took a sabbatical with her husband to Tanzania, she never expected to tumble right into her purpose. But she did.

#GoizuetaENGAGE conference focuses on gender equality, advancement in workplace

More than 250 women and men came together to hear from key stakeholders, network with fellow business leaders, and learn from faculty and alumni panels about women’s equality during Goizueta Business School’s second annual #GoizuetaENGAGE conference.

How Goizueta focuses on diversity in building a class

Associate Dean of MBA Admissions Julie Barefoot highlights some of the efforts Goizueta Business School has in place to increase diversity in the MBA class.

Conference aimed at expanding the narrative on gender affirmation and...

More than 250 invited guests, including alumni and prospective business students, attended the inaugural #GoizuetaENGAGE women’s conference held in late October at the Southern Exchange...

Alumni highlight first #GoizuetaENGAGE conference

The first #GoizuetaENGAGE conference was held Oct. 28. The event included more than 250 guests and featured panels, workshops, and speakers to help stoke...

Follow the first #GoizuetaENGAGE Conference

More women apply for college than men. Further, females make up half the applications to graduate programs in law and medicine. Yet, in business...

James: School to host women’s conference

Public attention and research depicting the experiences of women in business schools and corporate America is tiresome. Almost every day I read a story addressing gender...