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Delta outage a reminder of challenges in complex system integration

Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management Ram Chellappa spoke extensively to media (video above) Monday in regards to Delta Airlines massive computer...

Connected devices, business benefits from high-speed Internet

“With the Internet of Things, everything is going to be connected and generating data, downloading data and talking back to data,” said Ramnath Chellappa, a specialist in information systems at Goizueta.

Regulating, improving cybersecurity a difficult task

According to the Department of Justice, more than 17 million Americans experience identity fraud each year. Tech savvy criminals can do as much damage as “traditional” attackers, so politicians have made a point to question the nation’s “cybersecurity” policies.

The Inconvenient Truth about the Convenience of Technology

Technology is an integral part of everyday life, but are the conveniences it provides too habit forming for our own good? Learn more in the new Emory Business cover story.

Data breaches harm store brand, reputation

With holiday shopping on the horizon, online merchants and brick-and-mortar stores are gearing up for a busy season. According to eMarketer.com, US retail sales...

Goizueta hosts 2015 information systems workshop on teaching

This summer, 40 of the leading information systems (IS) researchers at top schools around the world came to Goizueta to attend the 2015 Information...

Cameras, high-tech surveillance in public spaces on the rise

Is there too much "Big Brother?" Associate Professor Ram Chellappa shared his thoughts with a panel on 11Alive this week.

Goizueta faculty offer tips for holiday spending security

Ram Chellappa and Benn Konsynski, both experts in information systems at Emory’s Goizueta Business School, discuss the best ways to make sure you’re not a...

Eyes stay on airline marketing in wake of disasters

A pair of tragic incidents this year has left the future of Malaysia Airlines in jeopardy, but because it’s a region’s flagship airline, that...

Chellappa discusses J.P. Morgan Chase, cyber security

Goizueta Business School's Ram Chellappa, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management, sat down with The Wall Street Journal earlier this week to discuss cyber security...
Digital Impact and Research

Goizueta examines digital impact and research

To explore the impact of digital on business, higher education, and its future, Emory Business asked six faculty members to share their thoughts on the...

Chellappa on Possible Airline Mergers

Not long after news surfaced of American Airlines' parent company filing for bankruptcy did rumors appear about which major airline could make an acquisition...