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Zander Lurie on leading, embracing the unexpected

For once, Zander Lurie 99JD/MBA was tired of being the lone outsider in the room.

All the Right Pieces: Assembling Atlanta’s real estate success

Business, like chess, offers many paths to success. A well-defined strategy is one approach. Another is taking advantage of a trend or unexpected opportunity. But, sometimes, there’s a chance to execute multiple options.

Coffee with… Joanna Green and James Freeman

For more than 15 years, the unbeatable team of Joanna Green and James Freeman has served the Goizueta community, often in anonymity.

Coffee with… Peter Topping

It’s Saturday afternoon, and Peter Topping, associate professor in the practice of organization & management, is outside the Executive MBA Program lounge in the Goizueta Foundation Center building. He’s preparing to explain the Birkman Method to a small but vested group: the partners of his executive MBA students.

Coffee with… Shehzad Mian

Shortly after Shehzad Mian began teaching in Goizueta’s executive MBA program, he had an ah-ha moment. As he scanned the classroom, he took inventory of the collective knowledge seated in front of him.

Millennials and their Dwellings: Why one size doesn’t fit all

Millennials are fast making their mark on the nation. With older members well established in businesses, others creating ground breaking start-up companies, and younger ones moving into society and the workforce, they are a multifaceted generation influencing how, why, and where real estate is being developed.

Vanessa Youshaei on grit, strategic moves

Vanessa Youshaei 13BBA is not afraid of hard work. In fact, the drive to succeed was instilled in her at an early age
Jeffrey “Jeff” Busse, Goizueta Foundation Term Professor of Finance

Jeffrey Busse dives deep into world of financial markets

Jeffrey Busse, associate professor of finance, started his professional life working at Honeywell’s Minneapolis location as an electrical engineer.

Knowledge Creation: A look at research from Spring 2017

Goizueta faculty, using rigorous methodologies, focus on researching important problems that affect the practice of business. The following is a sample of recently created new knowledge. To learn more, please visit goizueta.emory.edu/faculty.

Raul Buenaventura on the ‘luxury’ of entrepreneurship

Raul Buenaventura 10MEMBA remembers the first day of his Introduction to Entrepreneurship class at Goizueta.

Lecture explores business acumen in military logistics

With a $145 billion annual budget, Department of Defense logistics is big business, and to ensure all the of the US Armed Forces’ men, women, and materials get where they need to go, a little management know-how goes a long way.

BBA capstone highlights leadership skills

In the Goizueta BBA capstone, students practice problem-solving skills in situations characterized by ambiguity. Challenging students to generate informed, well-researched recommendations integrating functional area knowledge, the capstone course—newly incorporated into the BBA core curriculum—aims to enhance a student’s capacity to engage in concrete, logistical analysis.