Goizueta Business School will be closed Thursday due to snow and ice. PHOTO: Goizueta Archives

UPDATED 12:52 P.M. ET, Jan. 14, 2011.

Emory University, including Goizueta Business School opened at noon Friday, Jan. 14, but classes for the day have been canceled. The school was closed due to significant snow and ice that fell in and around Atlanta Jan. 10 and 11 and persistent, cold temperatures.

The city experienced better driving conditions in some areas Friday but many roads around campus are still affected by ice.

Wednesday was scheduled to be the first day of Spring classes. Goizueta students are now advised to look for further messaging from staff and professors in regards to schedule changes.

Faculty members have been asked to distribute such information — including assignments — to students via FirstClass. Absences due to travel troubles will be excused this week, but students are responsible to make up work and asked to keep professors apprised of those situations.


According to Emory, Park-and-Ride lots remain closed. Cliff Shuttles are on limited routes. Parking decks on campus are open. The University expects to resume normal operations Saturday, Jan. 15.

Because of the week of closures, the add-drop period for Spring courses has been extended to Wednesday, Jan. 26.