As part of our #WomenAtWork series, asked its writers and Goizueta Business School faculty to name — in their eyes — influential women in business. Here are three favorites.

First Lady Michelle Obama

I think she is a prolific and dynamic speaker, business woman, and mother. I particularly like her initiatives to combat childhood obesity and encourage healthy eating, and I am continually impressed by her calm and composed demeanor in tough situations.

– Erika Hall, Assistant Professor of Organization and Management

Dr. Meg Meeker

As an author, pediatrician and psychologist, she explains societal trends from the perspective of the immediate family. Meeker often points to positive and negative examples beginning in father-daughter and mother-son relationships, or lack of healthy relationships.

– Keith Farner, writer

Ellen Glazerman

I find her extremely inspiring, because she combines extreme competence with steadfast values.  She is interesting for this article in particular, because of her continued commitment to women in business.

– Kristy Towry, Professor of Accounting