Each new year seems to bring with it a host of expectations, professional goals, and personal wishes to do better than ever before and to experience life to the fullest. Going into 2022, the Goizueta community is ready to continue demonstrating resilience, strength, courage, and character.

Goizueta’s Interim John H. Harland Dean Karen Sedatole hopes “That people will reflect on the past year and enter the new year with intentionality and a renewed sense of purpose for their lives,” she says. Leading by example she shares, “That’s what I’ll be doing.”

For Libby Egnor, undergraduate BBA associate dean, looking ahead is both filled with encouragement and hope. “My new year’s advice for our students and our community is that they look for pockets of joy and ways to do good even when they are unsure or feeling discouraged,” she says. “I hope they recognize that the two things within their control are effort and outlook. I see so much potential in our students, and my wish for them is that they can see their own value and worth the way that I do.”

Andrea Hershatter, senior associate dean of undergraduate education, reflects on the events of the past few years as she looks ahead. “My new year’s wish for our community is that each of us have the privilege of spending the holiday surrounded by the love and warmth of those who mean the most to us,” she says. “I wish for a year of peace, health and happiness, along with the fulfillment that comes from learning, growing, and doing our part to make the world a better place.”

Offering a positive challenge to others is Jill Perry-Smith, senior associate dean for strategic initiatives. “I wish that everyone is intentional about doing something outside of their comfort zone – professionally and personally, doing good for others, while remembering self-care!”

Happy New Year, Goizueta friends and family! Share your own #Goizueta2022Wishes.