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Knowledge Creation Spring 2021

Goizueta faculty are world-renowned for their experience and business expertise. They focus on researching important problems that affect business and their insights...
David Nour

Creating Relationships that Bend the Curve and Transform Who We Become

David Nour 00EMBA, CEO of The Nour Group, cringes a bit when people refer to relationship building...
Students Agree: Think.Code.Make to Amp Up Vital Career Skills

Students Agree: Think.Code.Make to Amp Up Vital Career Skills

Through Think. Code. Make., students engage in the “nexus of technology, imagination, and creativity,” says professor Benn Konsynski.
HackATL 2020

HackATL 2020: COVID conditions only fuel students’ business ingenuity

Pictured from left to right: Felicity Linn 21BBA, Andrew Johnson 22BBA, Michelle He 22BBA, and Veena Jiapradeep 21BBA. Johnson and He...

Panel discusses future of automotive technology, safety

It may be a generation away, but there will be a day in our society when it’s a surprise that a human driver has arrived your door step. The lifestyle and cultural shift would move at a pace where leaving for work or meeting friends at a restaurant will be done almost exclusively with an autonomous vehicle.

Goizueta welcomes Young African Leaders during fifth annual YALI event

During the fifth annual Young African Leaders Institute, or YALI, 25 professionals from 19 countries stepped foot inside the Delta Leadership Hub at Goizueta to learn more about the school’s curriculum and culture.

AI, blockchain and the future of healthcare

Artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies are beginning to change the huge business of healthcare and will continue to transform the industry in some important ways in the future.

Goizueta faculty weigh in on changing retail industry, Amazon Go

A groundbreaking new convenience store concept recently launched by Amazon is set to test the trajectory of how technology will be integrated in the retail industry going forward.

Embracing digital age key message at Homecoming’s Back to School

H. James Dallas 94WEMBA opened up his talk, “How to successfully lead change in a digital world,” with fellow alumni, faculty and staff during this year’s Back to School event held during Homecoming weekend.

Young African Leaders get to know Goizueta at annual YALI event

In July, fellows from the Young African Leaders Institute, or YALI, got to spend the day learning about Goizueta. The 25 individuals from 19 of countries are recipients of the Mandela Washington Fellowship.

Q&A: Driving changes behind the world of work

“Trying to create the future is like trying to drive down a country road with your headlights off, looking backwards.” Alex Outwater, senior director of private marketing, big data and analytics at ADP, quoted educator Peter Drucker to open the latest Work Futures Forum.

Digital privacy subject of new business/law class

As you read this article, someone may be watching you do it. They could be tracking you electronically or using a drone equipped with a camera so strong and so far away, you wouldn’t know a thing about it.