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Presenters from diverse industries talk data, brands and strategy at EmoryMAC...

Organizations represented included The Home Depot, Turner Media and Atlanta Regional Commission. Former Chik-Fil-A CMO Steve Robinson gave the keynote address.

Students present sports survey findings to Atlanta Hawks, Falcons and Braves

A select group of Emory MBA and BBA students celebrated their last day of classes with a final project presented to representatives from the Atlanta Hawks, Falcons and Braves.

Goizueta students, professors present at AMA Winter Academic Conference

Students and professors with Emory’s Marketing Analytics Center made a mark at the 2018 American Marketing Association Winter Academic Conference in New Orleans.

Coffee with…Michael Lewis and Michelle Andrews

For analytical sleuths like Michael Lewis, associate professor of marketing, and Michelle Andrews, assistant professor of marketing, the impact of branding is everywhere, from major league teams to politics.

Leading analytic thinkers share insight during EmoryMAC Conference

The continual evolution of the analytics landscape made for new discourse through panel discussions and speaker presentations at the 7th annual Emory Marketing Analytics Center (EmoryMAC) Conference.

EmoryMAC Conference highlights evolution of marketing analytics

One of the driving forces behind the marketing industry is the ability to capitalize and use data and analytics efficiently. At the seventh annual Emory Marketing Analytics Center (EmoryMAC) Conference, sponsored by Chick-fil-A and LinkedIn, marketing professionals, faculty and students were able to learn the latest trends in marketing analytics as well as network with leading-edge analytic thinkers.

Goizueta named among top schools for big data, analytics

Emory University's Goizueta Business School's focus on analytics has been acknowledged by one of the top MBA prepartory sites. Find-MBA.com, a site dedicated to informing prospective...

Marketers coming together for annual EmoryMAC Conference

The 5th annual Emory Marketing Analytics Center Spring Conference will be held this Friday, March 20 at Goizueta Business School. Last year's event brought together more...
Jesse Tyson

Flurry of conferences hosted at Goizueta

With two major conferences in February and one each in March and April, Goizueta has hosted a lively stream of scholars, students, and industry...

EmoryMAC focuses on big data, visualization

"It's not about data, it's about the stories you will tell with the data." Google's Saket Kumar spoke with an almost inspiring tone, encouraging the...