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Drew Bullock

Dual Degree Student Excels in the Classroom; Pushes for Positive Change...

Goizueta 2021 graduates have already gained tangible work experiences to propel their careers. Meet Drew Bullock, future dispute advisory consultant.
Erin Lightfoot

Erin Lightfoot 21MBA on the Forefront of Vaccinating Georgians

Erin Lightfoot 21MBA is a student leader who oversees the largest mass vaccination site in the southeast at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

The Future is Now – Goizueta’s Digital Learning Innovations to Enhance...

Goizueta Business School launches next-gen classrooms with hologram technology and virtual reality, for a truly immersive learning experience.
Master of Analytical Finance

Goizueta to Launch Master of Analytical Finance Degree

In fall 2022, Goizueta will launch a Master of Analytical Finance degree, a 10-month, full-time program with an immersive STEM curriculum.
A kid plays basketball at summer camp

After a Year of COVID-19 Confinement, Summer Camps Are Back in...

In 2020, the coronavirus took its toll on summer camps for kids. Goizueta alumni camp founders are bringing back the excitement of at-camp experiences.
Scholarship for Women Established at Goizueta

Scholarship for Women Established at Goizueta

The new Rosemary and John Brown Family Scholars Program will increase enrollment of women across Goizueta’s graduate programs, reinforcing its commitment to diversity, equity,...
Bernice King

Black History at Goizueta Timeline Highlights Milestones; Leaders Recognize Need for...

To pay tribute to 28 significant milestones in our school’s formative years, the Black History at Goizueta timeline was created.
Marcus Siwemuke 14MBA and Julie Siwemuke 13MBA

Goizueta Alumni Elevate Under-represented Voices through New Publishing Company

“Readers now expect much more choice in their books, including diverse author voices. We are dedicated to delivering this change because we believe these...
New SPAC IPOs Inspire Happy Investors to Sign Blank Checks

New SPAC IPOs Inspire Happy Investors to Sign Blank Checks

SPACs are having a moment. 2021 is barely through its first quarter and the number of SPAC IPOs has surpassed 2020’s grand total of...
Tapping into the Talents of the Neurodiverse to Achieve Shared Success

Tapping into the Talents of the Neurodiverse to Achieve Shared Success

Neurodiversity is the concept that neurological differences like autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, dyslexia, among others are the result of normal, natural variation in the human genome. The...
Chief Investment Officer Bola Olusanya

Chief Investment Officer for The Nature Conservancy Reflects on his Journey...

Bola Olusanya 03MBA says it is essential that his work supports efforts to safeguard the future of the planet. "Climate change is an existential threat...
Buttery ATL two Gruyère pretzels

Do Anonymous Ghost Kitchens Actually Prepare Meals for Your Family?

Top restaurants and entrepreneurs are opening “ghost kitchens” for delivery only in a neighborhood near you. Craving Korean cheesesteak or a veggie burger deluxe with...