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Will tiny houses solve the Atlanta affordable housing issue?

Will tiny houses solve the Atlanta affordable housing issue?

“Urban sprawl has triggered a global initiative to create affordable walking neighborhoods within cities that offer a variety of housing options close to employment, hospitality, and...
Goizueta real estate clubs thrive in 2019-2020

Goizueta real estate clubs thrive in 2019-2020

“Even though real estate is considered ‘non-traditional,’ I felt that the real estate program and the club were underrated and underappreciated. I wanted to show that we...

Real estate investment fund heightens students’ skills

Goizueta’s student-run real estate private equity fund continues to outdo itself, seven years after its inception.

Goizueta professors weigh in on second Amazon headquarters

On the surface, and according to most news reports about the pending move, the city that lands Amazon’s second headquarters will be universally trumpeted...

Emory real estate team takes first place at CoreNet Global Academic...

A group of Emory students with a focus on real estate will be heading to Seattle to take the stage in the finals during the third annual CoreNet Global Academic Challenge.

All the Right Pieces: Assembling Atlanta’s real estate success

Business, like chess, offers many paths to success. A well-defined strategy is one approach. Another is taking advantage of a trend or unexpected opportunity. But, sometimes, there’s a chance to execute multiple options.

Black: Real estate in Atlanta healthy, positioned for growth

Speaking with other experts for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Roy Black, Director of the Real Estate Program at Goizueta, says there are good days ahead for the Atlanta commercial real estate industry.

Real Estate, Private Equity and the art of the deal

The fields of private equity and real estate contain components of deal making that go beyond textbooks. From industry speakers to case competitions, Klaas...

Students gain real estate investment experience

A student-run real estate private equity fund four years in the making has not only gone beyond the textbook, it’s exceeded expectations.
Centennial Olympic Park

Olympic venues around Atlanta continue to thrive

Leaving even a short-term positive legacy has proven difficult in recent decades for several Olympic venues around the world. But two decades removed from...

Coffee with… Roy Black and Michael Hernandez

Sometimes it takes expanding horizons to test one’s mettle. After working as an architect in the US, Michael Hernandez 08WEMBA found just such an...
The Navy Yard

Global innovators compete at Goizueta

Forward-thinkers, innovators, and game changers in corporate real estate traveled to Goizueta this summer to participate in the final phase of competition for the...