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Goizueta Foundation encourages Hispanic/Latino MBAs

Goizueta Foundation Alumni Event
Hispanic/Latino students are under-represented in MBA programs, but the Goizueta Foundation is determined to help Goizueta Business School change that equation.

Hispanic/Latino students are underrepresented in MBA programs, but the Goizueta Foundation is determined to help Goizueta change that equation. In 2013 it pledged $1 million over five years to increase the pipeline of US-based Hispanic/Latino students seeking a Goizueta MBA.

“Our commitment to growing this population is a priority, and we appreciate and thank the Goizueta Foundation for their help in realizing this goal,” says Dean Erika James.

To further this effort, Goizueta has hired Rebbecca Kaplan, an Emory Spanish instructor with a doctorate in Hispanic studies, as assistant director of MBA Admissions and manager of Hispanic student recruitment. “We want to create models that will empower young people as well as those already in the work force,” Kaplan says. “We’re seeking inroads into professional organizations and reaching out to school-age students.”

The program has three main components:

  1. Collaborating with school alumni to recruit “embajadores” (ambassadors) from key cities (such as Miami) to mentor and refer prospective students.
  2. Working closely with the Goizueta marketing team to create culturally engaging messaging and identify the best media to reach the Hispanic/Latino market.
  3. Strengthening the student pipeline between community organizations and Goizueta, shaping the next generation of Hispanic/Latino business leaders.

An event in Miami in late September brought together alumni and prospective Hispanic/Latino students for networking and exposure to the benefits of graduate education.

The program’s efforts are supported by an advisory board with representatives from corporate America, the nonprofit sector, and higher education. These professionals assist in educating young people about the advantages of an MBA, with the hope of motivating them to pursue a degree at Goizueta. Notes Kaplan: “We want to develop strong leaders who will redefine the landscape of business and continue the Goizueta legacy.”

– Sarah Banick

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