Associate Professor of Marketing David Schweidel spoke with the Atlanta Journal Constitution recently on personal social media use in sensitive professions, like nursing. It is of note as more industries turn to social media to be a gathering place of discussion and networking.

“As far ast networking with others and having a presence online, that’s something that becomes an issue for pretty much any profession. You have your own presence has a personal brand, and you also represent your employer or your profession. So something I always recommend people be mindful of is what identity they are posting under. It’s difficult to maintain clear lines between your professional hat and your personal hat. But if you take a look, a lot of folks who are associated with larger brands say, ‘These are my opinions, and they do not represent the opinions of my employer.’ They try to be very clear when drawing that distinction between the personal identity and the professional identity. That’s just something that individuals should be cognizant of. If you start mixing professional and personal under the same account, that can create a little bit of confusion.”

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